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Propolis (bee resin) is a thing which bees gather from trees that secrete resin in order to propolize hive breaks. The studies on the propolis showed that phenolic components of it are the esters of flavanoid and caffeic acid. Due to propolis’ strong antimicrobial activate it is know as a natural antibiotic. Also many researches show that propolisin is a great antimicrobial.

Clinical trials show that propolisin is useful for the bronchitis and suchlike ailments, ear infections, influenza, herpes, teeth and gingiva ailments, ulcer, burnt and abscess.

Echinacea species’contribution to the immunostimulant include four groups compounds. These are Alkamit (antienflamatuar-anti- inflammatory) , Cafeic acid derivatives (antioxidant), polysaccharide and glycoproteins (immunostimulant). Preparates prepared by using Echinacea plant’s herba and roots are used for the treatment of upper respiratory tract and urinary tract infection that occur often. Especially it increases and prompts body resistance naturally for the infection diseases. It is protective and remedial for the chill, flu and catarrh. Clinical trials and biologic activity studies accompanied it show that Echinacea excract is effective.

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is antioxidant, antiviral and immune-enhancing and people should take it from outside. It should be used as a auxiliary for the treatment ofserious disease and especially viral infections.

Since royal jelly is generally effective on the cell renewal in the body it provides aliveness and as a result of this health, energy, immunity and strength in all tissues of the organism.

In various literatures royal jelly is used successfully in order to treat urethritis diseases, shortness of breath, joint diseases, weakness and exhaustion, neural and physical fatigue, gastrict and intestine diseases, immune-enhancing, reproduction and sexual problems.

With proanthocyanidin found in the grape seed, other compounds has huge pharmacological activate with the effects of antioxidant, antiinflamatory, anti-microbial, cardioprotective, hepatoprotective and neuroprotective. It provides contribution to the combination by enhancing immune system.

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