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Osteoporosis is a disease that risk of bone loss and fracture increases. It is an important health problem especially for elderly individuals. As a result of increased loss of calcium in bones, bones become easily breakable. Osteoporosis affects the entire skeleton and fractures usually occur in wrist, spine and hip bone Consumption of calcium and vitamin D is required for healthy bone structure and prevention of osteoporosis. Sufficient intake of calcium is not only important for bone health but also for fulfillment of some other functions such as (muscle movements, heart rate, normal blood plotting).

 Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin and necessary for bone health. It controls intestinal calcium absorption and use for bone formation. At the result of insufficiency of vitamin D, bone mineralization is impaired and rickets in children with growing age, osteomalacia in adults, osteoporosis in future years occur. This situation causes bone pains and deformity.

 Calcium supplement is mostly needed during and after the periods of adolescence, pregnancy, lactation and menopause.

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