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Mate (Ilex paraguariensis) herb is used to increase mental alertness by the South Americans. Its stimulating effect is caused by its content of caffeine, theophylline and theobromine. It has effects of increasing fat burning, accelerating metabolism and suppressing appetite due to these alceloids in its composition.

Plantago psyllium seed has high rate of mucilage. After oral intake, it creates volume and feeling of fullness by swelling at the result of hydration. It is recommended as aid to treatment of regulation of Intestinal peristalsis namely muscle movements of digestive system, prevention of constipation, child and adolescent obesity, hypercholesterolemia (increase of level of cholesterol in blood) and hyperlipidemia (blood fat percentage is more than usual).

L-Carnitine is an amino acid that is usually synthesized in liver and kidneys and composed of lysine and methionine. It provides carriage of fatty molecules to mitochondria and conversion to energy. L-Carnitine facilitates fat metabolism, increases production of energy and accelerates fat loss. L-Carnitine that is stored in skeletal muscle is used to convert fatty acids to energy. It is recommended for improving athletic performance and elimination of muscle fatigue.

Palunina cupana seed extract inhibits phospodiesterases that are responsible for destructing caffeine with two separate mechanisms (noradrenalin) and causes thermogenesis by stimulating Cori cycle that provides conversion of glucose to lactate with glycogen and free fatty acid-triglyceride cycle and accelerates metabolism. Caffeine also activates adrenergic system in the body and suppress appetite.

Lepidium sativum (cress seeds) helps to lose weight by eliminating indigestion and constipation.
 Petroselinum sativum (Parsley) seeds inhibits Na+/K+-ATP in kidney and increases diuresis (daily urine amount), re-absorption of potassium and excretion of sodium and water.

Fruits of Capsicum annuum herb contains high amount of capsaicinoid. These are (capsaicin and dehydrocapsaicin) active substances which taste bitter red pepper. In realized animal experiments, it is found that it increases thermogenesis by increasing release of catecholamine from adrenal medulla dependent on dose of capsaicin. Clinical surveys have shown that there is a significant increase in energy consumption in the body after eating meals with red peppers.

Dieting people use chrome for its essential role of carbohydrate and fat metabolism. Role of chrome in losing weight is to regulate insulin resistance. Chrome picolinate is the most easily absorbable form of chrome by the body. Chrome is very important for processing of carbohydrates and fats and it allows the cells to respond to insulin hormone properly. In case of non-consumption of sufficient chrome everday, insulin hormone cannot function properly and damage occurs in insulin-dependent systems in the body. When insulin resistance occurs, much more blood remains in blood stream and it is stored in the body instead of being used for energy production. Insulin resistance increases the risk of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and obesity. Chrome picolinate is used against insulin resistance and helps to get rid of excess weights by burning carbohydrates and fats.

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